Get Results with Compact Effective Workouts, Fun and Social with a Certified Personal Trainer and Coach


1) Get RESULTS with 2 weekly workouts that will be safe, and effective. Be assured that you may experience FAT BLASTING, MUSCLE TONING, STRENGTH, IMPROVED MOODS, CONFIDENCE, MORE ENERGY ETC…

2) You will be guided, encouraged and reaching optimal potential with me, Carly, cheering you on and monitoring you, so that you are safe and not going to injure yourself.

3) Workout in a SAFE and COMFORTABLE atmosphere for female only that will be hijabi friendly or free!

4) Be FUN & SOCIAL. Get ready to have loads of fun and be in the company of others who also want to change for the best. You will never be alone and the SUPPORT and ACCOUNTABILITY will always be there🙌

As a working mom of 4 and a wife, I get you need take that time to work on YOU. Getting out of the house and leaving the distractions behind will allow you to commit and be successful in reaching your GOALS.

*** SPECIAL FEATURES WHATSAPP GROUP FOR week to week support and guidance ***


July 29

August 1, 5, 8, 12, 15, 19, 22, 26, 29

September 2 & 5

Fit Happens Bootcamp

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