My 12 year old son Zak and I hit the road running last night.

I challenged him to a 6k race, 100% positive I would win, because he never runs. I doubt he has ever ran more than 3k in one shot. I pledged to take him DQ if he won. Off we went and at first, I was my normal motherly and trainer self, making sure he paced himself, found a good breathing pattern and corrected his form. I was like, “I am gonna smoke this little boy if I try.”

And throughout I slowed down for him to make sure he was ok. I even told him to turn around.

But, he persisted, I should have known better.

After a pretty big hill at the halfway mark, I was sure he was done. But nope. He stayed within sight, behind me. We passed a man who watched me, then realized we were related. I ran back because I noticed him stopping to talk to Zak. He asked Zak as Zak swirved out his way “Is that your mom?” And with a smile, Zak said “Yeah”. The man then goes “Ha, she is beating you!” Zak just smiled his usual smile and kept running. I hit a couple red lights and he caught up. I asked him what the man had said, he told me and we laughed.

Last stretch was nearing like 800m, I turned up my pace. He is still there – behind me, but there.

The last 400m I really jet, for me, anyways, a 40 year old mom of four children. So you know what I mean. I sprint my hardest for that last 400, just to let him know who is boss and really leave him in the dust. I hit my doorstep and turn to wait and Boom, he is right there, behind me of course. But geez buddy. I know you are athletic, but I never considered you a distance runner – at least your training has never entailed that.

I honestly believe that for my son Zak as well as others, it’s mind over matter. He is very strong mentally, especially when it comes to competition. I feel many people sell themselves short of their capabilities in all areas of their life, especially where strength and fitness are concerned.

🙅‍♀️Don’t ever underestimate yourself!