Nature is the best Remedy 🌲

After a looong , hard week, and being sad😌 because my Sunday basketball was cancelled, I got up and went out for a walk with my 2 youngest.

It was such a good choice, why? Because it was so peaceful. No one is out, really, just us, some ducks and birds and lots of ice and snow. Quiet as can be.

I made sure we got some hills in for a little bit more intensity as jogging is simply out of the question 

All I can say is, just when you think you should use the weather as excuse to stay in, DON’T!

The air is fresh , the ice/snow is crisp  and the mood is solace. 

Endorphins (feel good hormones) are kickin.😁😀😅

Get out and get energized. You will have no regrets.