A beautiful, beautiful morning run, with even more beautiful company.

The hardest part of our run, was getting there. Getting up and out of bed after a loong hard week of work.
Once we had gathered it was “all down hill from there”.🏃‍♀️✔

Seriously. This is the main factor in sabotaging our health and fitness goals.
It’s not that we cannot do it, it’s the whispers you hear, when laziness wants her way.
I got some advice for ya: Kick laziness to the curb and get yo you know what up and out. Defeat laziness. Laziness ruins us.

And perhaps laziness is a very strong term, as many of us are very busy people who just use the fact that we are “too busy” to exercise. Well, I got more news for ya, we need to PRIORITIZE it or we simply will not be as productive as we can be. For real. You are inhibiting your potential as a mom, wife, employee, friend, sister, neighbor.

If your fitness level is low, so is your energy. And your sleep isn’t nearly as good as it could be either. Which in turn, limits your productivity. So what is your excuse now?🤔

Make your health, your body, your mind, your soul and priority.✔✔✔

Bury laziness and “your too busy” in the ground and free yourself from these shackles confining you from being your best self. Period.👊You, my lovely friends deserve to feel better. And be better.

Now if one is ill, has had a baby, any signinficant occurance, I am NOT talking to you.😊

There will come a time, sooner than later that will allow you to get up and at it.💪😁